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Picture of a hand offering a handful of beans.

The Seeds of "Healing" and Nutrition.

For without them there is no food for the world - Appreciate and Cherish them.


Testimonial 1:
I was introduced to Fit for Life Centre by a friend in 1995. I came to understand more about detox through Mr Seah, I was convinced by him that a supplement a person takes will not benefit him or her to the maximum if the body is too toxic… ~ Gordon Lim - Retiree (read detailed testimonial)

Testimonial 2:
Since young I had a lot of health problems. My friends always like to call me ‘Ruby Face’ because I got a face full of pimples. I also face problems like constipation, water retention, body odor and lack of energy… ~ May Lee Bee Tat - Accountant (read detailed testimonial)


Testimonial 3:
I used to encounter problems with my stomach and often had constipation when I was much younger. Many a times, I would suffer from intolerable pains on my stomach which could even last for a few days. I also had consistent headaches and migraine… ~ Leong Wei Fen - Music Teacher (read detailedtestimonial)

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