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Q. What range of books do you have?
A. We have a good collection of health-related books, which are available for purchase and reference.

Q. Are there any fees to become a member?
A. There are no fees to become a member. The application form that requires some particulars have to be filled in though. This is so that we can update you with the latest information on vibrant health and lifestyle therapy.

Q. What types of programs do you have?
A. We have detoxifying, rebuilding, rejuvenating and lifestyle programs that are all customize to individual needs and objectives. Hence, making it very personalize for every customers.

Q. What is the expected cost for a program?
A. The expected cost for a program ranges from S$80 onwards. It depends on the duration, type of program and your commitment of rebuilding yourself.

Q. Are side-effects expected from your programs?
A. Side-effects are not expected in natural healthcare. You could however encounter healing reactions which are good. We will guide and help you to keep such reactions to the minimum level. A big portion of our customers go through the programs, without any negative reactions. Instead they feel more energetic, alert and alive than they have felt for years.

Q. If I am interested to get on the path of natural healthcare, how do I get started?
A. We recommend that you visit our Showroom first. This allows us to discuss your present condition and objectives in detail in order for us to recommend the right program for you at this point in your life.

Q. How fast can I see improvement from starting a program?
A. Normally positive results are expected from within a few days after starting a program. This differs for everyone as it depends on individual health conditions and lifestyle.

Early results will definitely give you the confidence that you are moving in the right direction and motivate you to follow-through the program. Some individuals might just need a longer time for the benefits to set in.

Q. How long do I need to be on your programs?
A. The duration depends on your current health condition and objectives. Whether you want to do a simple detoxification which may take you two weeks to a month, or a complete rebuilding of your body systems which may take you two to five months. It is all up to you.

Q. If I am healthy, can I get on your programs?
A. Yes, any healthy person can benefit from our programs, as we believe that most people are not enjoying optimum health due to our modern lifestyle. Our programs can help you to be more ENERGETIC, alert and alive. This is a result of improved assimilation and digestion from the food you intake. You will discover you will need less food to achieve the same amount of energy, and you can feel the difference.

Q. If I am already on long-term medication, can your programs help me?
A. Yes, our programs can supplement almost any long-term medication you are on. This is done by helping your body to rebuild and rejuvenate your system, and simultaneously boosting your immune system.

Q. Are there age limits to be involved in a program?
A. Most very young children do not need to be on a detoxification program. Instead, we will guide you by sharing with you how to remove the incorrect eating habits & junk food and substituting them with wholesome, nutritional foods. Young children can easily rejuvenate themselves, if given the right nutritional wholesome food, and if they follow correct eating habits.

Most people, young and old will benefit from the program simply by changing their incorrect eating habits and lifestyle, and help their body rebuild and rejuvenate as well as to boost their immune system.

“Good health is dependent on lifestyle choices which are lifelong”
~ Dr Clarence Tan, CEO of Health Sciences Authority (HSA) Singapore.~


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