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Story 1:

Name: Gordon Lim
Occupation: Retiree

I was introduced to Fit for Life Centre by a friend in 1995. I came to understand more about detox through Mr Seah, I was convinced by him that a supplement a person takes will not benefit him or her to the maximum if the body is too toxic. After that I decided to start the detox program recommended by the Colon Health Handbook.

I followed through the Program C with the help from Fit For Life Center as well as the Colon Health Handbook. During the program a lot of smelly, coloured, different sizes and length stool discharged. I felt real good and more alert.

Finally after the completion of program, my stool was softer and easily discharged.

I also believe other than detox, lifestyle and supplement also helps a lot. Therefore I strongly think that as a form of maintenance doing detox once every yearly or at least once a year is very beneficial and important. Just like we do our spring cleaning once a year, it is important to clean our “Inside” – Digestive Track yearly.

Last but not least I would like to mention that I strongly recommend that a persons needs a detox in order to keep healthy and achieve vibrant health.

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